¡Hola! Soy Puri. Purificación. Confieso que nunca me ha gustado mi nombre. Mi abuela, quien me lo regaló, siempre me decía: “¡Pues si no te gusta, vas y te lo cambias!”. Nunca lo hice, y me alegro porque ahora, unos cuantos años más tarde, me encanta porque me conecta con mi proceso de autoconocimiento y de volver a mi esencia, a mi “core”, quitando capita de cebolla tras capita de cebolla.

Siempre he sido una buscadora inquieta y una apasionada de la escuela de la vida. Desde pequeña he sido muy curiosa, todo me llamaba la atención y me encantaba aprender. Siempre estaba “feliz”. De hecho durante mi beca en México mi nombre de guerra era “¡Alegría Alegría!”.

Sobre los 39 años tuve una profunda crisis que supuso un punto de inflexión. Descubrí que no era feliz con mi vida. Aparentemente lo tenía todo, no podía quejarme, un buen marido, una hija maravillosa, familia, amigos, un negocio propio que funcionaba bien, salud… pero no era feliz. Me sentía vacía, desmotivada y triste. ¿Cómo podía ser?. Había tocado fondo, y cuando has tocado fondo solo puedes ir para arriba. Me puse a buscar “La Felicidad”.

Dicen que cuando el alumno está preparado, llega el maestro. Mi primer gran maestro fue mi querido Borja Vilaseca, durante el “Máster en Desarrollo Personal y Liderazgo” en la Facultad de Economía de la Universidad de Barcelona. Curiosamente, la misma facultad en la que veintiún años antes había estudiado Administración de Empresas. Desde entonces no he dejado de admirar a Borja y tenerlo presente. Luego llegaron muchos otros maestros e inspiraciones.

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Hi! I’m Puri. Purificación. I confess that I have never liked my name. My grandmother, who gave it to me as a gift, always told me: «Well, if you don’t like it, go and change it! I never did, and I’m glad because now, a few years later, I love it because it connects me to my process of self-knowledge and getting back to my essence, to my «core», removing onion layer after onion layer.

I have always been a restless seeker and passionate about the school of life. Since I was a little girl I have been very curious, everything caught my attention and I loved to learn. I was always «happy». In fact during my scholarship in Mexico my nom de guerre was «Alegria Alegria!».

Around the age of 39 I had a profound crisis that was a turning point. I discovered that I was not happy with my life. Apparently I had everything, I could not complain, a good husband, a wonderful daughter, family, friends, my own business that worked well, health… but I was not happy. I felt empty, unmotivated and sad. How could that be? I had hit rock bottom, and when you’ve hit rock bottom you can only go up. I started looking for «Happiness».

They say that when the student is ready, the teacher arrives. My first great teacher was my dear Borja Vilaseca, during the «Master in Personal Development and Leadership» at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Barcelona. Curiously, the same faculty where twenty-one years earlier I had studied Business Administration. Since then I have never stopped admiring Borja and keeping him in my mind. Then came many other teachers and inspirations.ción

"Today is the first day of the rest of my life."

From that moment on, my awakening began, the most exciting journey of my life, the journey towards me. Who am I? How am I? How does my mind work? And my heart? And my body? What was I born for? On what or on whom does it depend that I am happy?

Einstein said that the important thing is that we do not stop asking ourselves questions. Well, he doesn’t know who he said it to 😉.

I am committed to the mission of becoming my best version and this process is never ending. I consider myself a renaissance woman, holistic, with multiple interests. It is currently very fashionable to specialize and label, but I feel that everything is interconnected, we are all interconnected and we are all more alike than we think we are. We all yearn for the same thing and what hurts me today when I wake up, hurt someone else yesterday and will hurt another human being tomorrow. Suffering in my flesh the path and realizing this, has reconnected me with my vocation to help, to share what I have learned and if I can help, there is nothing that makes me happier. I am fortunate to be able to do this with my two passions: helping INNER BEAUTY through coaching and OUTER BEAUTY with our cosmetics.

I combine my role as manager at Sensalia Labs where I lead a wonderful team of exceptional people, who develop cosmetics with a clean, natural and sustainable philosophy, with my role as a coach or flashlight helping other people to find those resources that we all have inside, even if we have not yet seen them behind the layers of onion).

In case you were thinking about it …. yes, I love onions!

Puri Martínez

Founder & CEO of Sensalia Labs and ICF-certified coach

My Way so far

ICF Certified Coach

International Coach Federation

Official Certification in Systemic Wingwave Coaching

Institut Gestalt (Barcelona) / Besser Siegmund Institut (Germany)

Master PNL

Talent Institute

Master in Brief Strategic Therapy (Strategic Thinking)

Institut Gestalt

Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and Management

University of Barcelona

Master in Organizational Consulting

Triform Institute

Official Wingwave Coaching Certification

Institut Gestalt (Barcelona) / Besser Siegmund Institut (Germany)

Practitioner PNL

Institut Gestalt

Master in Personal Development and Leadership

Univeristy of Barcelona



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